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translated & adapted from Sophocles by Griff Bludworth

May 17, 18, & 19 @ 8:00 pm*

Antigone was born into a world that doesn't love her, destined to struggle against a painful fate. Her parents gone, her brother, Polynices, killed while leading a protest-turned-riot. Now Creon, the city's new leader, has declared Polynices a terrorist and decrees anyone who tries to bury his corpse shall be put to death. But a defiant Antigone refuses her brother to be made less than human. She will not let those in power dictate his rights. A new take on Sophocles's tragedy, Antigone (born against.), blurs the lines between adaptation and translation and places contemporary issues of oppression at the fore. The struggle between morally right and politic, the tension between peace and justice come to life in a story that is both timeless and horrifically timely.

*Please note, due to construction, all performances of Antigone (born against.) will be performed at Know Theatre Cincinnati (1120 Jackson Street). All ticketing, however, will go through the Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati box office (513-421-3555).