The Prelude Program

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The Prelude Program

About the Program

Our flagship educational outreach program, the Prelude Program, is a ten-week residency in which students work with our Director of Education to write, design, rehearse, and perform their own play.

The Prelude Program uses theatrical techniques to encourage the development of creative problem-solving and critical-thinking skills while simultaneously promoting literacy, self-esteem, public speaking and a strong work ethic in students of all ages and abilities. The aim is to help students along the path from concept to product and production. Because the plays are written with the class, each student has a speaking part. Likewise, students design props, costumes and scenery for their play and are able to see how their ideas and drawings are translated to the stage.

The Prelude Program always addresses state curriculum standards in reading and writing skills and incorporates relevant lesson plans such as vocabulary, mathematic concepts, science, and social studies. We work with each school to identify curriculum concerns and then tailor our program to uniquely fit the schools’ academic priorities. So, while we use the same concepts each time, no two Prelude workshops are identical.

Again, Ensemble Theatre focuses first on providing the Prelude Program to underserved audiences, although we do work with schools and community centers throughout the area.

Applying to the Program

Program requests are accepted throughout the year and may be submitted by completing our Education Programs Request Form.


Scheduling is subject to teaching artists’ availability. Please allow a minimum of two weeks’ notice, however, the sooner you submit your request, the more likely it will be that we can accommodate your group.