Education & Community Engagement

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Education & Community Engagement

Community engagement has always been inherent in Ensemble Theatre's history. Ensemble Theatre was created as a place for local theatre professionals to work and so it follows that we are dedicated to being a vibrant and supportive part of our community by providing invaluable educational opportunities and engagement initiatives.

Our education programs are designed to actively seek out and support teachers and students focused in some of the area's lowest income schools, however we work with a variety of students throughout the Greater Cincinnati region. Ensemble Theatre's education programs focus on strengthening 21st Century Content and Skills including financial, economic and environmental literacy, creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, leadership, responsibility and social and cross-cultural skills.

The vast majority of our outreach is completely underwritten, thanks to the generosity of our education outreach sponsors, and while the schools, incomes, and abilities of participants may vary, their desire to have an outlet to express themselves is always the same.

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Ensemble Theatre's Education philosophy and goals

  • To introduce students to high-quality professional theatre in a welcoming and safe environment.
  • To guide students in finding their creative voice as a means of positive self-expression.
  • To advocate for arts education by being an example of how arts integration and experience impacts and promotes literacy, character development, and critical thinking skills.
  • To provide arts opportunities for underserved audiences who otherwise would be unable to afford the cost of admission.
  • To develop the next generation of artists and audiences and strengthen our region's creative class.
  • Financial support is necessary to provide exceptional outreach programming.
  • Everyone is an artist, a student and a teacher.